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sMAD - sustainable mosaic art + design

My interest is related my past experience with the intersection of Art and Design. I have recently relocated back from Brooklyn, New York where the idea of the Art and Design market has proven to be very successful model to help launch the careers of young people and give them a platform to speak. I would like to bring some of these concepts to Toronto and adapt them for the local market. I would like to promote a cultural exchange of Toronto and New York to promote Toronto art and design in different cities towards increased tourism and educational engagement of various Toronto art and design communities.

I graduated from the Claude Watson School for the Arts (CWSA

) in Toronto with an enriched arts education immersed in a “mosaic” of different disciplines of art including dance, drama, music and visual arts. I entered the CWSA program as a visual arts major with a minor in music and learned to incorporate various artistic disciplines and combine them to form a creative fusion of art. I recall practicing art with ideas of sustainability from making our own recycled paper to weaving our own tapestries from wool and print making with sustainable materials such as linoleum and water based non-toxic paints. I continued my art practice in San Francisco and New York with subject matters focusing on environmental issues and “flora & fauna” abstracting nature to bring attention to our planet as well as incorporating recycling of materials from architecture and interior design waste into my one-of-a-kind art jewelry/jewellery pieces while recycling silver to make cast jewelry/jewellery using the ancient art of lost wax casting to minimize manufacturing output of carbon waste.

I came up with this idea of a sustainable art and design market as "It's mad" (sMAD) not to do anything about it. I am interested in creating a market that promotes the intersection of Art and Design as a “Mosaic” of sustainability as an organization called sMAD (Sustainable Mosaic Art & Design) as I see the potential in Toronto to bring these worlds together with its "Toronto Green Standard" for sustainable design to promote culture and community engagement. By creating a promotional platform for food with a "green market", emerging artists and designers with a focus on sustainability and wellness. sMAD would take action on climate change by providing educational lectures with all its members to moderate and educate the public and community at large with activities for all ages to decrease greenhouse gas emissions at home, school or at your place of work. I am hoping to engage different artist and design communities to build a synergy for sMAD .

In my humble opinion I think the biggest threat to climate change is the lack of awareness of how individual efforts can help sustainability. Most people think the city they live in are doing really well compared to other cities, but we need more educational outreach to explain why we need to all be more proactive towards the mitigation of climate change and it’s good to be exposed to the next generation of artists and designers so that we can all be more aware and inspired to do something about it. It is also problematic for emerging artists and designers to find affordable spaces to promote their creative pursuits to start their businesses so they can connect and engage the local public communities so it’s important to have an affordable year-round market promoting sustainability and education around art, design and sustainability. Please join me in this movement if you are interested, please contact me.

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