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Our Manifesto

 -ISMS define our future and past as we need to always move forward with a new ideology that allows free movement and cross pollination of ideas.



Manifesto Mo-say : "Mosaicismal-ism"

1. Change in our time and acceleration of thought requires creatives to adapt to a multi-sensory world of multi-tasking in a speeding electronic biosphere where technology is integrated with our creative process. Human beings strive for evolution to be connected in a world which has become a mosaic of culture as boundaries are broken in the Internet age. Current global economic conditions produce competition between different disciplines for survival thus individuals with diversified traits give them an advantage over their competitors and are the product of Natural selection and Darwin’s theory of evolution.


2. Creatives strive for individuality and absorb a hybrid of ideas based on stimulation from a multitude of disciplines. Variation derives from mutations in genes by migration between populations of different art and design disciplines that no longer have set borders or boundaries.

3. Social media and the advent of the electronic Information Age changes the way in which we see the world as something pure, thus singularity has become a rare commodity in the post-modern world and are no longer the norm for operating in this world. We combine thoughts and information simultaneous and the world shares a common bond by having instant access to a multitude of information through globalization.

4. Mosaicism is the genetic act of combining two or more different genes that produce a mutation that is a hybrid of evolution. Mutations are changes in the DNA sequence involving small parts or fragments of genes that recombine to form new combinations with new functions. Design and Art can be sub-divided into sub-categories that are from various sub-divisions of training and education that can be combined into infinite combinations of mutations deriving from the original pure disciplines to create something new that could not have existed before.
Mosaicismal-ism is the movement to ensure survival and evolution of creativity through the hybridization of art, design, sound, movement, performance, culture and all that is contained in the World Wide Web in our daily lives.

5. This manifesto calls upon all who have evolved through the process of Mosaicism. Now is the time to act and to unite the world in our commonality to share the vision of the future evolution of the creatives. As a conscious movement we can create a database of information that can be shared to further our evolution by combining our resources to show the world and to further collaboration and development of our ideas amongst our colleagues.

6. The purpose of this movement is to provide a methodology to understand that the fusion of more than one idea or discipline leading to the discovery of new ideas and new creations that are a mutation of the original. Speciation is the process where a single species diverges into two or more descendant species in which cross-breeding of two related species to produce a new hybrid species. It is the mutation that formulates new creative possibilities that could not have existed before.


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